1. We prepare kids for school and for life. At the Kiddie Academy of Abingdon, children are actively learning from the time they step through the doors of the academy until they leave. Each child has the opportunity to participate in large and small group activities as well as independent play. The curriculum encourages learning through play and building upon “teachable moments” in the classroom.

2. Our playground would make David Beckham jealous. We have a full-length turf soccer field, a weather station, a garden, trike track, music station and more. Our outdoor play space footprint is almost as much square footage as the Academy building itself. We know that kids learn most when they’re playing.

3. We’re local, too! Kiddie Academy is locally headquartered in Abingdon, Maryland with a national footprint of more than 150 Academies located in 24 states and DC. More than 15,000 families nationwide chose Kiddie Academy as an education-based child care provider to care for and educate their children.

4. We’re enrolling locally. The Kiddie Academy of Abingdon, located at 3495 Box Hill Corporate Ctr. Drive in Abingdon, Maryland, is Kiddie Academy’s corporate flagship location and serves as a model for all Kiddie Academy locations across the country. We’re the title sponsor for the Bel Air Downtown Alliance’s summer movie nights this season and we’re enrolling now.

5. Most of our staff are parents as well. We know what you’re going through when it comes to being a working parent. A lot of Kiddie Academy owners, directors and teachers are parents too; so they understand families deserve the highest quality of education-based child care available.

6. We eat lunch together. Kiddie Academy encourages family-style dining at lunch and snack times at all academies. Kiddie Academy knows that students and teachers learn from each other with opportunities to interact together. Family style dining encourage portion control, independence with self-serving, sharing and passing food.

7. We’re ahead of the curve with tech. Many Kiddie Academy classrooms are outfitted with state-of-the- art and revolutionary preschool and early education technology which help teachers and students in daily routines like circle time (reviewing day of the week, weather, month of the year, etc.), attendance, and also storytelling and lesson planning.

8. We teach kids the basics, but we also teach them how to become successful students and citizens. With Kiddie Academy’s character education curriculum, it’s never too early for kids to learn the values that will help them to develop into good citizens. Character education is the key to turning moments of everyday interaction into moments of learning. We teach children values like respect, sharing, friendship, kindness, manners and more.

9. We’ve created cool resources for parents. When it comes to being a parent or a working parent with young kids, we need all the help we can get. Kiddie Academy’s Social Team (a staff full of moms and dads just like you) develops a monthly newsletter just for parents jam-packed with articles, resources and other cool tips that take the guesswork out of childrearing. Subscribe here and follow Kiddie Academy on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/KiddieAcademy or on Twitter @KiddieAcademy.

10. We care about the environment and want our kids to as well. The Kiddie Academy of Abingdon recently received LEED Gold Certification, established by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). We were also recognized as an Eco-Healthy Child Care provider. Bring your kids for a tour of the academy and come see how we’re generating our own power (plus power for our neighbors) and making this world a little bit cleaner and greener for the next generation.