Bel Air has ranked 7th in Zippia’s “The 10 Best Cities In Maryland To Achieve Work-Life Balance.” These are the characteristics that Zippia uses to evaluate each city in Maryland:

Commute time (Shorter is better)
Hours worked per week (Shorter is better)
Size of household (Higher is better)
Unemployment rate (Lower is better)
Poverty rate (Lower is better)
Things to do per capita (Higher is better)

Based on the characteristics above, this is the breakdown of the top 10 cities to achieve work-live balance!

  1. Mount Airy
  2. Hampstead
  3. Walkersville
  4. Gaithersburg
  5. Rockville
  6. Easton
  7. Bel Air
  8. Bowie
  9. Greenbelt
  10. College Park

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