Stalefish Board Co.

Downtown Successes

Stalefish Board Co.

Stalefish Board Company is one of the most beloved shops in downtown Bel Air. How do we know? Well, if the steady stream of shoppers didn’t give it away, their

Vagabond Sandwich Company

Vagabond Sandwich Company is a Downtown Bel Air Restaurant which uses locally sourced ingredients and creativity to fill up their customers with tasty grub. To understand Vagabond’s success in downtown, we

Z Vault

“Go out there and get what you deserve” a meaningful message that adorns the high tech mirrors in the restrooms of Z Vault. How fitting, because that is exactly what

Sunny Day Cafe

What’s Happier than a Sunny Day? If you’ve been to Downtown Bel Air, if you’ve walked Main Street, you’ve most likely heard of a local breakfast place known as Sunny


Savona is one of the most beloved spots in downtown Bel Air and is known for its fine foods and wine selection. This Italian Deli has everything you could want

Spartan Surfaces

Located at 10 S. Hays Street, Spartan Surfaces opened their doors in Downtown Bel Air in February 2016. What used to be the old Aegis building is now the 46,000