Facade Improvement Before & After

Town of Bel Air Façade Improvement Program

The goal of the Bel Air Façade Improvement Program is to improve the exterior appearance of buildings in the Town’s commercial areas in order to attract new businesses, maintain existing businesses and make Bel Air a desirable place for individuals and families to shop, conduct business and reside.

The program awards matching funds based on a competitive process, for upgrades and improvements of building exteriors and signage. Funds may be used to pay for labor, materials and design, permitting fees for improvements such as, but not limited to, exterior painting, refacing, masonry pointing, window and door replacement, awnings, signage and restoration to original appearance or finishes. Improvements which qualify for funding through the Program, but are not considered capital improvements, must remain on the property and be maintained for seven years. Improvements considered capital improvements must remain on the property and be maintained for a minimum of fifteen years. A capital improvement is defined as the addition of a permanent structural change or the restoration of some aspect of a property that will enhance the property’s overall value, increase its useful life or adapt it to new uses. Failure to comply will result in reimbursement by the applicant to the Program for utilized funds on a prorated basis, except in the case of a written agreement between all of the parties. Interior work and landscaping will not be eligible for funding. An approved list of architects, contractors and/or design professionals will not be specifically identified in order to foster an atmosphere of fairness and objectivity.

All completed applications can be sent as a PDF to jenny@downtownbelair.com