Hometown Heroes Banner Application

The Hometown Heroes Banner Sponsorships are $250.00 each. Each unique banner includes the soldier’s picture, branch of service and era of service. The banners are 24″ wide and 44″ tall and include sponsor’s name, prominently displayed at the bottom. The sponsorship fee pays for the banner and administrative costs.

Approved banners will be displayed on Main Street from May to July and again in November for Veterans Day.  The Bel Air Downtown Alliance cannot make any guarantees with respect to exact placement of the banners.  This will be determined by the town according to space availability. The Bel Air Downtown Alliance will make the banners available for pick up at the end of the 3 year program.  All banners not picked up within 30 days will be discarded.

If you would like to sponsor a Hometown Heroes Banner, please fill out the application below. The submission of the application does not result in automatic granting of sponsorship.

    Business/Family Name (as it should appear on banner)

    Contact Name

    Relationship to Hometown Hero

    Your Email

    Street Address



    Zip Code

    Phone Number

    Full Name of Person in Photo

    Branch of Military


    Is this veteran alive, deceased, KIA, or POW/MIA?

    Please select the era of service.

    Please attach a high quality photo on the Hometown Hero in military uniform. If the image is too large to be attached, please send it in a separate email to belairmainstreet@gmail.com.

    Please include a short blurb about your Hometown Hero. We will be including QR Codes on the banners for people to scan and learn more about each Hero.

    Photo Release Consent
    I hereby grant the Bel Air Downtown Alliance permission to use the attached photo (which includes a likeness of myself or of my relative/friend) with respect to the Hometown Hero Banner Program without payment or other consideration.

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