Market Study

Bel Air Market Study 2016

The initial group that ultimately became the Bel Air Alliance was a Task Force set up by the Town of Bel Air in 2000 to oversee preparation of a Market Study for Downtown Bel Air. This effort rolled into the creation of The Alliance in 2001 with a primary charge to assist the Town in implementing the Study’s recommendations. Early successes included attraction of numerous restaurants to Downtown and lead to the resurgence of Downtown Bel Air. Many other businesses also have opened and the character of Downtown Bel Air has been substantially enhanced through this effort guided by the 2000 Market Study.

Coming out of the recession, and seeing future opportunities and risks, a new Market Study has been prepared to identify new opportunities in Bel Air for retail, restaurants, service, and other businesses, test the “Brand” of Bel Air as the “Heart of Harford” and a budding arts community, test the need for a west side Downtown parking garage, address a strategy to prepare for the consolidation of Harford County Government agencies, and to dovetail with the upcoming update of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. This Market Study will help craft the future vision of Bel Air and provide a strong market and data driven direction for implementation.