Z Vault

Z Vault: A Homegrown Entrepreneur


“Go out there and get what you deserve” a meaningful message that adorns the high tech mirrors in the restrooms of Z Vault. How fitting, because that is exactly what young entrepreneur, Milya Burian did! Milya is not just the proud new owner of Z Vault, this is her third business at the ripe age of 24. Born and bred right here in Harford County, she found her passion for world travel, culture, and design at an early age.

After completing Harford Day School, Milya attended a boarding school in New York. There she fell in love with big city life and found herself making friends with people from all over the world.

“I feel like I got to experience my “college” years during high school” says Milya.

In boarding school is where she made many of her lifelong friends. Her traveling really took off during her time in New York.  Visiting friend’s relatives and spending a year in Italy studying aboard, opened her eyes to world beyond Harford County. She was able to indulge in experiences across the globe; creating a collection of her favorite things. After graduation, Milya was west coast bound for college. Milya admits after a short time she recognized that college was not meant for her.

After settling into a place of her own she adopted a dog. Wanting to pamper her pet with more than just the average toys, treats, and food found at local big box stores, and in a quest to shop small, she uncovered a wonderful boutique pet store for her four-legged friend. As a regular at the pet boutique she often left with thoughts about opening up something of her own. As fate would have it within a short period of time the store was put up for sale. Milya jumped on this opportunity and opened To Wag For in Los Angeles. Just like everything Milya does – she poured her heart into it by wrapping the store with her design skills, creating a community space and a boutique experience for all of her customers.

Milya’s life is spent on an airplane 90% of the time. Living life from one experience to another gathering her favorite things that help create her life’s vision. In 2018 her next big thing came to life through Z Vault. A coffee and juice bar created for you to experience healthy, wholesome, quality drinks and smoothies. From Italy and France we receive the European sipping chocolate, and from Los Angeles we get Caffe Luxe; hand crafted artisanal espresso and brewed coffee. Caffe Luxe was nice enough to fly out to train the staff at Z Vault. The Bel Air staff members were the creative masterminds behind each recipe. You’ll be encouraged to sit back on the nice leather sofa, rest your cup on the marble table and enjoy the west coast vibe.  Z Vault is a space where clean and simple meet warm and inviting, a place where you just want to hangout.

When asked “What are some of the lessons that you have learned along the way?” Milya says with a smile “never stop learning, persistence is key and that it takes a village”.

Milya surrounds herself with an incredible village that each play such an important part of her story. And we are all lucky to call them community.

Milya Burian is a member of the Bel Air Downtown Alliance. She is committed to creating a vibrant community and business friendly destination in Downtown Bel Air.